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I won’t be denying that I’m someone that does crazy stuff to my hair practically once in a few months and it’s detrimental to my hair’s health despite how safe the hair dyes are. I’ve always have problems with tangled, dry hair with oily scalp – hence how I used to maintain it looking not so grassy is by returning to the saloon once in awhile for a pampering session and I’m good to go.. Probably for a week or so without any other treatments. 

I’m a real lazy person when it comes to routinising another habit of pampering my hair everyday but I know if I don’t start, my hair will definitely look grassy forever so *pats self* for the effort. 

Okay lah, maybe not silky smooth but it’s getting there.. after all the damage I’ve done to my hair.
Needless to mention again that I always count on E3 Saloon @ Masjid Jamek to bring my hair back to life with every single visit. Till the last time I visited, I was introduced to these hair products after seeing the condition of my hair is in. With a little effort, I’ve put in a habit to pamper my hair a little as it goes a long long way! 

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From left : PureFactor Shampoo / PureFactor Moisturiser / Lucci Melty Syrup 

Ford is a Japan cosmetic company that brings a few exquisite brands to solve / pamper all your hair needs. In my case, I was introduced to Pure Factor, that is catered to protects colour-treated hair, from fading fast and to protect scalp / hair health after treatment. My hairdresser said it’s perfect for me since most of the time I visited is for a new colour, it must have damaged my hair condition in some ways.

Steps on PureFactor Shampoo and PureFactor Moisturiser :
Use appropriate amount of shampoo, lather and wash it off thoroughly after. Squeeze excessive water off hair before applying conditioner on. Let it sit on your hair for a few minutes before washing it off.
Take Note! 
To only apply conditioner on the ends, do not apply onto scalp. 

Usually after shampoo-ing only, my hair is already feeling very smooth. After these two steps usually I’ll let my hair dry on it’s own and it’ll still look smooth as well. Plus point, it smells REALLY nice!

Lucci Melty Syrup 
However, in every two-three days, I would apply the next time whenever I deem necessary, but it’s also fine to apply their hair oil everyday as well. My own preference is to only apply with my hair is feeling extra dry or when I need to style my hair, it’s a great product to keep my hair in shape!



Take Note!
Do be cautious of the amount you’re using. Use a small pump of oil each time for better estimation. 

In my opinion, I feel that the bottle of oil goes a really, really long way. Just two mini pumps of the oil is enough to spread through evenly on my hair. Really do not overdo it unless you want really greasy oily looking hair by the end of the day.

So far, it’s my current combo for my hair especially after colouring my hair. Fair enough, it has helped so much in retaining my hair colour longer than usual times that I didn’t use Ford’s series.


Visit E3 Salon Masjid Jamek to get the products! 🙂 

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