Scalp treatment at E3 Salon @Masjid Jamek

It’s been a while since I last doing something with my hair, besides cutting it shorter.

I went to the e3 hair salon KLfor their service. 

e3 hair salon kl located at the 2-minute walk after the train station of Masjid Jamek and you will have to take a lift up to the first floor and you will reach to e3 salon!
I love how cozy the salon is and the staff was really nice and helpful 🙂
Neo was the hairstylist kl that helps me with what service I should be taking and we both agree to go with scalp treatment! cause I haven’t wash my hair for two days so it is kinda greasy and disgusting haha

That’s my hair without washing it for two days. oh god 

So before going to the scalp treatment, Neo scanned my scalp and we found out that my hair got oily easily and I have to either constantly wash my hair or I will have to go through a scalp treatment twice every month. Until it gets better. 

We found some baby hair that grows but Neo said it will fall out eventually.
Cause one follicle can grow more than one hair which usually can grow up to 3 hair. but mine is mostly just one so I have serious hair loss problem. 

I love the cooling sensation during they help me apply with the scalp treatment product though.
They rinse it after they applied the product, and their main product is Loreal hair products.
Love the scent and cooling sensation <3

I can’t wait to scan it again and see my scalp after the treatment!

Before drying my hair, this is the product he used on me!
It is a serum that provides nutrition for your scalp and AGAIN WITH THE COOLING SENSATION! WHICH I LOVEEEE <3
After drying my hair Neo had scanned my scalp again after the treatment. As you can see the different compare before the treatment. my scalp is actually cleaner and less oily!
I love the refreshing feeling after the treatment!!!

Thank you Neo for the service!! He is very helpful and informative with my needs and super patience to explain how to take care of my hair!

This is a series of products for scalp treatment! They do have varies of hair styling services such as hair coloring, perms and etc.

If you are worried about the parking, you can take public transport or park your car nearby as they are public parking that will charge RM10 flat rate or more. The one I park charged me RM10 but I will walk for 5 minutes to the salon~

I am definitely coming back!!!

For more information,
Contact: +603-2072 2888

Address: No. 42-1, Wisma Konwa, Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur.